Business Automation Mastery to Scale Your Business At Will 

For businesses with a proven product, service or offer that are ready to scale, we help you create automated client journeys using Keap.

We make automation easy. Schedule a complimentary 15 minute Ask The Expert call to get clarity on what to work on next:

Create a Roadmap

Capture a baseline of the current business outcomes and systems and set the objective of what you're trying to achieve and define the mile markers to get there.

Remodel with Automation

Create efficiency by leveraging the power of marketing, sales, fulfillment and internal operations automation. 

Report, Review, and Refine

Collect enough data to review how all automations are performing. Identify areas of improvement and refine for optimal business function and growth...on repeat.

Hi, I'm Renée Boudakian

As a Business Automation Master I help established businesses (local success stories) scale their revenue using proven systems that elevates their customer journey to take prospects from new leads to raving customers. 

I am the woman behind the ideation and implementation of Business Automation Mastery, a framework that plugs into businesses to skyrocket efficiencies, visibility and growth. 

We specialize in working with high-impact businesses including thought-leaders, professional service providers, ecommerce companies, and educational institutions. 

We are proudly partnered with DigitalMarketer and Keap, which allows us to combine the very best, proven marketing strategies and frameworks, in a custom-built world-class selling system for your business.


The Rapid Process

Start with Discovery 

Deep dive into your current business needs and goals, and evaluate your current marketing and business automation performance so we can identify and offer solutions to manage and optimize your customer lifecycle journey, marketing, sales, fulfillment, and internal operations automation.

The Smarter Way For Your Business Grow

Get organized by using a customized strategy and technology stack for your business to create efficiency using automation. This allows you to then focus your time on the areas of your business which are the most profitable ROI of your time.

Implementation of Automation Mastery

Leverage our expertise and experience working with over a thousand of business to create smart automation systems that perform exactly what they were designed to do - reliably, and right from the start. 

Have Complete Visibility To Your Business Operations

Have the right reporting setup to get insights into your objectives and track goal achievement. And, most importantly this information needs to be accessible to you in one consolidated mission control centre.

Make Informed Data-Driven Decisions

Regular review of your metrics which will uncover opportunities for improvement in your existing system. Once you have that knowledge you can create another roadmap for refinement. It is important for businesses to optimize one system fully, before expanding to the next. 

Continuous Improvement
Collect enough data to review how all automations are performing. Identify areas of improvement and refine for optimal business function and growth...on repeat.


"Renée and the Rapid Marketing team have provided us with an unparalleled marketing partnership since 2013 and we rely on their automation expertise and world class systems that are the backbone of the Lazaridis School of Business Recruitment and Admissions. In a very short period of time, the systems they have put in place have paid in dividends, generating millions for us that weren't being actualized. "

Maureen Ferraro 
MBA Recruitment & Marketing Co-ordinator
Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University